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Gripen Maritime would require several modifications, including a carrier capable tail hook and strengthened landing gear - including a twin wheel nose gear.

Because Sweden has no payday loans no credit check carriers, the development of the Gripen Maritime requires an overseas customer. Such a variant could also be of use to Brazil, which operates a single flat top built originally for France. India has two STOBAR (short takeoff but arrested recovery) carriers, and is likely to build a more potent CATOBAR carrier. Bushke says that helping to develop such a carrier variant of Gripen E would be a strong opportunity for Indian aerospace, as it would give exposure to a major development programme at an early stage.

In October last year, payday loans no credit check Indian Air Force had floated a request for information (RFI) to leading aerospace players globally to come up with their offers. Gripen had lost out to Rafale in 2011 during a bidding process for medium multi-role combat aircraft.

However, the company has upgraded the Gripen since then. Gripen is now being used by the air forces of Hungary, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil and Czech Republic. Apparently, talks were revived when Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven met Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year in February when the deal with Adani was also sealed. The system will be supplied by Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions. It is the only university in Europe with its own airport and runway.

Swedish defence and security company Saab has been developing digital air traffic control systems since 2006, and its system has been approved by authorities for operational use since 2015. The firm will install a mast at Cranfield Airport, equipped with cameras and sensors recording everything that takes place. All this data will be sent digitally to a control centre and projected onto a 360-degree view on large screens in front of the air traffic controllers.

The digital air traffic control system complies with same existing rules and regulations as for conventional towers and payday advance the data traffic can take several routes to ensure that it arrives even if an interruption occurs.

Saab says improved safety is one of the most important cornerstones, and the camera technology in the new remotely controlled tower makes it possible to cope with difficult light conditions much better than before. The system adjusts the images automatically when there is direct sunlight or there are snow reflections, which makes it possible for the controllers to follow an aircraft that is climbing skywards without becoming dazzled.

The technology also allows controllers to zoom in and enhance the image in order to pick out details. Here Coor Service Management, which is responsible for property and workplace services, has set up a TV screen at the entrance to the building, making it possible to follow energy consumption throughout the plant.

The screen displays the energy consumption at that particular moment, by day and by week. Lennart Gehrke, Group Manager Operations at Coor Service Management explains that when they bought Aura Eco Saver Long Life fluorescent lamps for SEK 100,000, an energy saving of SEK 50,000 per year was achieved.

Thanks to the Long Life light sources, maintenance costs can also be reduced. In this way, both the property owner and the property manager benefit from savings. The environmental aspect is also important to both Coor Service Management and Saab. Saab has high ambitions when it comes to reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, and Coor Service Management regards helping its customers to fulfill their energy saving and environmental goals as good service.

That was the reason for the proposed transition to Aura Eco Saver Long Life fluorescent lamps. Every three months Coor Service Management creates a service report that is presented to Saab, allowing the company to follow up on energy savings, reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and efforts to use less packaging.

Within Coor Service Management, work is actively continuing to swap experiences of energy saving among various customers in an Energy Network, which will look at the excellent results from Saab. Coor Service Management is responsible for property and workplace services and have replaced standard fluorescent lamps with Aura T8 Eco Saver Long Life. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Transportation (DOT).

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